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Navigation Light Control Panel (NLDB-Marine)

Our Network enabled PMS Compatible NAVIGATION LIGHTING DBs(NLDBs) are designed to meet requirement of operation at sea meeting the IMO rules and class requirements for safe and collision free navigation at sea during the night and foggy conditions. We offer NLDBs operating with both 230VAC & 24VDC supplies with Duplicated Supply Sources for Single/Double decker Navigation lights.

These panels generate Audible and visible alarms whenever Supply Source fails or Operating Light fails and also automatically take corrective actions to ensure maximum safety at sea by switching over to standby supply or Light.These can also be remote controlled and intergrated with ship’s SCADA/IMPMS system.

Features :

1 Enclosure 2MM BKHD/DECK Mounted; IP52 Mentioned Otherwise. MS/SS316/Aluminium
2 Working Voltage 24VDC &24VDC FOR Plc/Controls
3 No. Of Supply Sources Two; Combinaton Of Genset-Ac & Battery-Dc
4 No. Of Light Circuits 8 Or 16 Or 24 - As Reuired Single Or Double Decker Lights
5 Operating Features Supply Auto Change Over Upon Failure Light Auto Change/Alarm Upon Fail Current Measurement Of Each Lamp Data Logging & Daily Logs etc For Each Light. Provision For Communication And Control By IPMS Through RS485 Link. Time Of the Dat/Sunlight based Operation (Option) Group Operation Of Lamps Based On Location/Operational Status Of Vessel (Programmable)
6 Controller For Logic PLCs With HMI For Alarm, Communication & Control
7 Facilities & Utilities Inbuilt Into The System Audible & Visible Alarms For All Failures Group Operations Automatic Change Over Of Supply And Lights Upon Failure Datalogging Integration With IPMS Current Sensing Using Hall Effect Devices Hence No Voltage Drop For DC Light Circuits
8 Communication & Control Optional RS485 Between The Panel & Manned Control Stations- Remote Operation By Scada/IPMS