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Lube Control Panels

Our lube control panels are designed to control lubrication systems used in metal industries and are designed to operate independently or in tandem with system PLC or central SCADA system using Relay/PLR/PLC as local controllers. Standard panels have two pump motors with one as operating pump and the other as stand by. Additional pumps can be configured as booster pumps or as per the operating logic desired by the end users. The panels are provided with all the logical implementations, protection and alarm systems required for the safe operation of the panel and the system. These Alarms and controls can be designed to indicate locally as well as at Remote System Control position. Pumps starters can be Direct On Line /Star Delta starters or with Soft-starters for larger systems or with VFD systems for efficient use.

Features :

1 Enclosure 2MM Wall/Floor Mounted; IP52 Unless Mentioned Otherwise.
2 Working Voltage 415V/380V3/4 Wire 50/60Hz; Control 240VDC
3 Number Of Main Pumps 2/3/4 Or More
4 Number Of Axulliary Pumps 1/2/3 Or More
5 Operating Mode Independent (Localy Only); Loacl And Remote With PLC Interfacing With Defined Command Modes Or Slave Only-Remote(PLC/SCADA Control) etc
6 Controller For Logic Relay/PLR/PLC/U Controller
7 Alarms Available STD-10, Extendable If Required And Remote STD -10, EXTENDABLE IF REQUIRED AND REMOTE ANUNCIATION IF REQUIRED.
8 Starters Direct Online/Star Delta/VFD/SOFT Starters
9 Alarms Level, Pressure, Temperature Or as Required
10 Sensor/Trandducer Input Digital/Analog
11 Meters, Guages Optinal
12 Communication Optinal RS485
13 Controlling Paramenters Level, Pressure, Temperature