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HVAC Control Panels (Land & Marine)


Our HVAC CONTROL PANELS(HVAC-CPs) are designed to meet requirement of safe operation of Compressors, Chillers, Cooling pumps, Cooling towers, AHUs, Heaters and other operating parts of the system and implement with protective interlocks for efficient and reliable operation of these devices.

These panels are also designed to operate under remote control of PLC/SCADA/HAVC control centres with RS 485 communications. The Local panel then shall act as slave to the commands of the Central Control Station.

Features :

1 Enclosure 2MM Wall/Floor Mounted; IP52 Unless Mentioned Otherwise.
2 Working Voltage 415V/380V3/4 Wire 50/60Hz; Control 230/110VAC For Pumps/ 24VDC For PLC/PLR/LOGICA Relays
3 Controlled Element Compressors And Chillers Cooling Towers, Cooling Pumps Ahus, Heaters & Fans Fan Coil Units, Solenoids, Remote Controlled Valves etc
4 Controlling Sensors/Elements Analog & DigitalHP/HP/LP/OLP For Compressors Temperature Sensors/Thermostats/TC Units For Temp Control Humidity Sensors For Humidity Flow Sensors For
5 Operating Conditions Protecttion And Safe Operating Conditions As Per System Manufacturers' Requirements.
6 Controller For Logic Relay/PLR/PLC/U Controller
7 Facilities & Utilities Inbuilt Into The System Time/Demand Dependent Start/Stop, Data Logging And Equalisation Of Operating Hours, Remote Signalling & Recording Of Alaerts/Alarms With Time Stamps, Maintenance Reminders, Interfacing For Remote Control From Scada/Plant Controller/BMS, Reconfiguration Of System Upon Simple/Pertial Failre etc
8 Indications For All Parameters And Devices As Per User Requirements.