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Aircraft Service Vanlift Control Panels

Our A/CS VAN CONTROL PANELs are designed to meet requirement of safe operation of these service vans in runway area of Airports while servicing the aircrafts controlling the movement of Van, Vehicle, Rear and Front platforms and operating personnel by implementing the protective interlocks as required by Airport authorities

These panels are also designed to operate under remote control of PLC/SCADA/HAVC control centres with RS 485 communications. The Local panel then shall act as slave to the commands of the Central Control Station.

Features :

1 Enclosure 2MM Wall/Floor Mounted; IP56 Unless Mentioned Otherwise.
2 Working Voltage 12/24VDC For PLC/PLR/LOGICA Relays From Vehicle Batteries
3 Number Of Operations Cabin Lift/Lower Stabiliser Lift Lower Front Extension- Open/Close Rear Gate Open/Close
4 Interlocks Cabin Raise/Lower With Stabiliser Cabin Raise With Proximity Sensor Cabin Lower With Man Under Sensor Front Extensions With Cabin Position Rear Gate With Cabin Position etc
5 Operating Positions Cabin: Loacl & At Driver Cabin Front Extension:Local & Cabin Rear Gate: Local & Cabin
6 Controller For Logic Relay/PLR/PLC/U Controller
7 Source Of Traction Power Engine PTO DC Motor As Emergency
8 Indications Positions Indicators For Cabin Front Extension And Rear GAte etc
9 Sensor/Trasducer Input Digital/Analog
10 Communication Optional RS485 Between Control Stations
11 Controlling Parameters Level, Position, Proximity etc